Akos Creative


Hi, I am Akos from Accra,Ghana. Akos means a girl born on Sunday. Through my art I make connection with the materials and findings I use.

As a child, my parents taught me to be prudent by putting to good use, things I find laying around, and to be innovative by bringing ideas to live. Here, I embrace what my environment gives and sustainability processes to be kind to the environment in return.

I get a lot of joy making jewellery by hand. I hold a deep connection with my Ghanaian arts and culture which is where the inspiration to create comes. My handmade jewellery and fashion accessories are crafted using colourful African wax print fabric materials from my Ghanaian culture. I also used Japanese beads and fabrics. Most of my African brackelets and necklaces are made using authentic recycled glass beads also known as Krobo beads from southern Ghana.

My jewellery fosters diversity, resilience and sustainability. I do hope you can connect with my craft same way as I do.


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