A collection of writings on women and Aboriginal identity from 15 senior Indigenous academics and community leaders. The collection engages with questions such as: What makes Aboriginal women strong? Why are grandmothers so important (even ones never met)? How is the connection to country different for Aboriginal people compared to non-Aboriginal people’s love of nature or sense of belonging to an area? What is Aboriginal spirituality?

These writings are generous, inclusive and considerate of the non-Aboriginal reader’s feelings. They are hopeful for the future, with an emphasis on acknowledging, joining, collaborating and caring. From the Introduction: “The value that Aboriginal women place on relationships emanates throughout the book.”


"The book allows for a richer deeper understanding of Australian Aboriginal women’s perspectives and what they can offer the world. The rich contribution this book makes, is significant to say the least."

Tanja Hirvonen
Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing


"... stories of resilience and triumph, and the authors make it clear that they are active agents rather than simply being shaped by external forces."

Sarah Burnside
Overland Literary Journal