Have you been wanting to add some fun to your house, but not sure where to start? These daisy mirrors are the perfect addition! 
Allow your personality to shine through your home with these mirrors, we definitely recommend them in groups of 3 or more for that funky effect!

They are perfect for taking cute selfies, or just for something pretty to catch your gorgeous reflection in! 

The Daisy Acrylic Outline is 20cm x 20cm. The Acrylic Mirror inside the Daisy if is 9cm in diameter. 

Note: each piece is custom made to order, and as our small team on the Gold Coast hand place each and every flower - there may be some slight (& unique!) differences between your piece and the picture. 

The mirror is made entirely out of acrylic, so it won't shatter or break on you! It does come with a plastic protective layer on the mirror - please remove this once you receive it! You can easily clean the mirror of any fingermarks or dust with a clean cloth & some glass cleaner!