Celeste Josephine

Celeste Josephine is a dreamer and creator at heart. Her artwork is inspired by the thoughts and feelings swirling around inside, and she refers to each piece as a cathartic adventure.

Celeste is proudly Neurodivergent, and she advocates for diversity. She is a self-taught artist, solo parent, and teacher to 3 sons, who all sit somewhere on the autism spectrum and are beautifully, unapologetically unique. Celeste describes her work as an expressive relief that gives her soul so much happiness, and she is thankful to be able to share her work with others.

Celeste's work, predominantly watercolour and acrylic painting, explores the fragility and breathtaking beauty of life and the loneliness and perpetual searching for a connection, the yearning to feel understood, as well as the overwhelming beauty of the human experience. 

celestejosephine.com | @celestejosephineart

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