Oh, to be forever young! This kit takes us back to our youth, to days of playing outside, from sunrise to sunset. The materials in this kit are full of bright colours and fun shapes, for you to create the most playful designs. Unleash your creativity and relive your childhood!

This kit includes enough materials for you to design and make at least 6 dangling earrings and 1 pair of coloured studs (Refer to our product pic for the earring pieces you'll get).

We will give you some examples of what the earrings designs could look like, but we also encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own funky creations!


This kit includes:

- Acetate Earring Charms
- Laser-Cut Acrylic Pieces
- Earring Findings (enough for making 7-8 pairs)
- Figurines + Beads + Sequins
- Basic tools: Superglue + Finger Cots + Plier