F*EMS (Females* for Equality Making Stuff) is a Melbourne based collective for women & non-binary people to creatively express themselves by contributing to our triannual zine.

We encourage people to use our zine, in addition to the accompanying events we organise (exhibitions, workshops, markets, etc), as a platform to have their voices heard.

The idea behind F*EMS originated while  Freya Alexander, Tegan Iversen & Cassandra Martin, were studying together at the Victorian College of the Arts. We felt the need for a space where our female voices could be heard, & started using our studio spaces for this purpose - as a place to stage conversations, ask questions, & provide support.

This experience inspired the beginnings of F*EMS & in March 2015 Issue 1 was launched.
At the beginning of 2017 a new member, Anna MacNeill joined the F*EMS team while Cassandra left to focus on her post-graduate studies.

*This includes women, femmes, agender, non-binary, female-presenting or -read, trans, gender non-conforming people & a range of genders in between.

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