First Female Prime Minister of Australia, Defender of women's rights

To date, Julia Gillard, has been the only woman to hold the offices of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party. 

What has become the modern Australian political narrative, Gillard became Australia's first female PM after a leadership spill which saw then PM Kevin Rudd resign. A fate that was then also due to befall Gillard herself a few years later. 

Her famous speech on misogyny in response to then Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, highlighted the ongoing issues of sexism and misogyny within the Australian Political world. Despite being met with mixed reactions to validity of the speech, it did highlight the engrained sexism within Australian culture towards Gillard's leadership and how she was described and commented on in comparison to her male counterparts. 

A vocal and powerful leader for education and empowerment for girls, Gillard will be remembered for her courage to stand up against the male dominated environment that was (and still is) Australian politics. 

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