"The Sea is the mother of all life including our own" - Valerie Taylor 


Glamorous Diver, Underwater Filmmaker and Actress, Conservationist

Watching Jaws and seeing the real footage of the Great White sends shivers down your spine. Did you know that that footage was made by Australian diving duo, Ron and Valerie Taylor off the coast of South Australia?

A passionate advocate for our oceans and marine life, Ron and Valerie Taylor were pioneers of underwater cinematography for the purpose of uncovering life beneath the waves, specialising in capturing shark behaviours.

Way back in 1966 they spent 6 months filming the Great Barrier Reef for Belgian Scientific Expedition, the first educational project of its type on the reef. They are also the first to film sharks without the protection of a cage and to film them at night.

They shot over 20 documentaries many of which leaded to environmental protections including Shadow over the Reef which was instrumental in preventing the test drilling for oil inside the Ningaloo Marine Park.

Valerie Taylor was also the first to test the chain mail Shark suit. She tested it as it was too small for Ron to wear. 

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