Juliet D Collins


Juliet D Collins works with textiles and mixed media. She creates beautiful embroidered thread drawings that celebrate women.
Juliet was born in Scotland and studied Fine Art in Edinburgh. She has continued to create and study sculpture, drawing, mixed media and textile art forms. She has been exhibiting her art in Melbourne since 2007.
Juliet’s work is strongly grounded in her drawing skills. She strives to portray the immediacy and spontaneity of the drawn line in all her work whatever the medium. For many years now Juliet has been exploring the unique expressive potential of thread as an artistic medium. Her journey with thread began when she started to meet regularly with a group of like minded creative women. She learnt about freehand machine embroidery and was inspired to translate her life drawings of the female nude into textile art pieces.
Juliet’s artistic focus is on exploring the unique expressive potential of thread. Her textile artworks are strongly grounded in her drawing skills and her passion for life drawing. She uses freehand machine embroidery to create textile and mixed media artworks that celebrate women and explore themes relating to female identity and experience. Her work seeks to portray a woman’s sense of herself: her identity and her connection to her world. She embraces and promotes female diversity, empowerment and body positivity.

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