Kindling & Sage

​Kindling & Sage magazine centres the voices of Bla(c)k and First Nations women, Women of Colour & Gender Diverse POC. They're building a feisty community where contributors and readers can learn from each other and ignite their individual and collective fire.

The Kindling section features opinion pieces, interviews, short stories, and book & movie reviews to inspire and fire you up. They welcome submissions from women & non-binary POC voices.

The Sage section – inspired by the sage voices within the community – focuses on action and initiatives within their social circles. It includes highlights from women & non-binary POC-led businesses, a classifieds wall to advertise community groups and campaigns to support, and a directory they're continually building up – drop them a line if you have a business you’d like to be featured.

Kindling & Sage magazine + community was born out of need. They wanted to hear from women that reflected the world around them. They wanted to share their rage at being limited and sidelined; not to commiserate but to build a fire that pushes women further. Above all, they wanted to see and hear from others in their community, to build solidarity and facilitate change.

The Kindling & Sage platform aspires to be a place where women can call out, shout out, create sparks and inspire change.  |  @kindlingsagemag

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