Metta Play

Via, and Asian-American living in Australia, believes, 'We can only be what we see', and so has created her products with inclusion, representation, and tolerance in mind. 

Via is a a mother, a dedicated wife, loving daughter, big sister, and loyal friend.

While working in the corporate world, she noticed she was often the only Asian or woman in the room. She has set out to change this for the next generation by ensuring all the materials she creates represents every kid, not just the majority. 

She is passionate about yoga and self-love, which she shares through her cards.



Metta translates to loving kindness and is the ongoing practice of compassion. Their purpose is to instil this practise, even just a little, in everyday life. Not only for ourselves, but for each other, for the Earth, and for the generations to come.

To achieve this, all our products are:

  • Created in two languages, helping kids learn their mother tongue or a new language – promoting empathy, cultural awareness, and tolerance

  • Accessible for every kid – from babies to teenagers, there’s something in it for everyone

  • Designed, printed, and packed in Australia by conscious and mindful suppliers – supporting local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint

  • Lovingly hand-illustrated to represent a diverse range of kids – fostering an inclusive mindset

  • Giving back - donating 10% of profits to helping improve the education and future of children in need |  @mettaplay

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