Murjana Boutique

Murjana Boutique

Is a story of two ladies a Mum and Daughter ( Reem and Rawya) who always loved arts and crafts and enjoyed trying and playing with new materials.

We have started this business in 2019 after I ( the daughter) went on maternity leave.
Being in the office at night working with Polymer clay after a very long and tiring day was so therapeutic and relaxing for me.

Rawya my mum has always used art and paint as a way of escaping her negative feelings and now she uses it as form of appreciation to the supportive community she lives in.

As small business owners we have had very rough patches, but what makes it all worthwhile is the comments and feedback we get from our customers when receiving their final pieces.

Every piece we create is a unique work of art that represent a historical place or event from back home

We hope that our work brings you so much joy and make you feel the same way we feel with every new purchase

Reem and Rawya x

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