Oleu Life

OLEU LIFE is an Australian boutique aromatherapy, skincare, and wellbeing brand that creates a sensory experience inspired by the nurturing knowledge of nature’s botanicals. Vegan and ethically made in Sydney by founder, Mayte.

Upon Mayte's realisation that our fast-paced lives were bound to stress and mindlessness, it became her mission to share her passion for nature’s medicine with others.

Oleu Life believes that true fulfilment comes from becoming aware of our inner selves - listening to what our minds and bodies need. The genuine boosts of energy and transformation of emotional states that come naturally from this introspection is what she is excited to share - through the use of essential oils and aroma experiences.

The products are handmade locally and highlight natural ingredients found in Australia and the world. Oleu Life respects the history and knowledge they carry with them. Being handmade, you can be sure that each product is made with care and intention.