Ravi.. is a label that celebrates the maker.

Our style is defined by the textures of natural, handcrafted fabrics designed into the form of clean lines and classic silhouettes.

Each piece of clothing is created by textile artisans in their own homes and workshops, using age old processes that are inherently better for our planet. We use soft silks and cottons that are handwoven and block printed with mineral or low impact dyes.

Founded by Ravi in 2018, this label is a culmination of decades of her experience, her passion for design and social responsibility to remote Indian communities. Ravi studied and practiced as a textile designer and artist in India, with its rich traditions of textiles, vibrant colours, chaos, mix of cultures and people. It is the country of her ancestors and her heart.

Your clothes pass through many people’s hands to get to you. Our hope is that as you feel the texture of handwoven fabric next to your skin, that you will feel amazing and also have a connection with these makers whose lives are woven into the fabric as they design, spin, weave, print and sew.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia and handcrafted by artisans in India.