Sweet Mickie

Emma, the founder and Chief Cookie Officer of Sweet Mickie, started baking and ‘TAKING THE MICKIE' in 2015 to make people laugh and feel good. "I wanted to create fun gifts for my friends and saw the joy they got from food. I figured... you can't eat flowers!" Emma says. So, she took a family cookie recipe, a sprinkle of sarcasm and got her bake on, to make people laugh. Humour and food proved to be a winning combination. Sweet Mickie is made possible by a legendary team of cookie decorators in Melbourne. The Sweet Mickie team love to celebrate life's milestones with their customers and create edible words that speak to and for them. Sweet Mickie cookies are hand-rolled, cut and baked using wholesome ingredients and 100% butter. Fresh out the oven, given some lovin', with some cheeky icing on top.

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