In our daily use of social media like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram you can experience a seemingly chaotic, infinite and overstimulating flood of images. This mass of information is very well controlled because the platform forbids the user the access to important content, which is limited by the community guidelines which for example don’t allow women to post pictures that show their nipples whereas men are not required to censor this part of their bodies. In this project the artist installs female nipple sculptures and stickers in the urban space. The pedestrians, exhibition visitors and other audience become part of the project by posting the sculptures and stickers on their social media stories and timelines. They can tag this Instagram account so their posts get reposted by urbannipple and the female nipple becomes a part in everyday life and finds its way back to Instagram. Through this cooperation of sculpture, passers-by and social media help to build awareness for sexism on social media platforms and thus every day life. Urbannipple offers an easy humorous start in the world of feminist art, feminism and activism. It informs the followers about the newest feminist literature, exhibitions and discussions.
My name is Michelle Kometz and I am an art student from Germany. I studied the role of women in a lot of fields like film, advertisement, art and literature and this the interest in making a difference in the image of women. I specified my studies on gender construction in social media and wrote about female artists on Instagram and the fourth wave of feminism.

@ urbannipple