The shape of these vases are drawn from a sculpture I created in 2019 for the Biblio Art Prize, based on the book 'The Dry' by Jane Harper. In 'The Dry', a rabbit shooting motif runs through the story, which I created a sculpture of, featuring some shotgun shells lying around the ground on which a rabbit sits on high alert. I made the shotgun shells from porcelain, after discovering that access to real empty shotgun shells proved dicult. Left over from the sculpture were several of the shells, which I was going to recycle before I red the clay. Curious, I put the word out on Instagram, and asked what people thought of them as vases. The response was a resounding they are great, so I went ahead and glazed and red them. Concerned about the recognisable bullet brandname I had imprinted in the clay, I have re-created the vases as plain vases, without the reference to gun manufacturers. They are a beautiful and unusual shape, once taken out of their original context.The porcelain in these vases is from Tasmania, and is particularly dense and hard wearing. The glaze is food safe, so the vases are non toxic, if they come in to contact with food (or curious youngsters). They will withstand the dishwasher, but are very fragile on the top section, so best to hand wash carefully with a small bottle brush or similar soft brush.