Got a sweet tooth? Know someone that does? Send someone a bit of sugar via snail mail, with this cute x4 piece postcard set! That bitch 'rona has robbed us of the year 2020. But, it can't rob us of solid friendships. Sometimes, shitty situations birth some pretty great ideas. Considering the state of affairs at the moment, we are reliant on the post to bring us a little slice of sunshine during our groundhog days at home. How many times have you stalked your postie? Maybe waited behind your front door in anticipation? Have you lost track of all the things you've purchased in lock down? As a collaboration between FTLOV and Cluster Fuss, this 4 piece set bring together sweet little designs inspired by tattoo flash and candy hearts. Available in two colourways - baby pink with hot pink print / black with baby pink print, these postcards are perfect to send to a special someone. Or maybe your house needs a little added pop of colour? Screw posting them, frame these babies up and splash them on your wall! Measuring approximately 4x6 inches in size, each postcard is printed on recycled matte paper.