GLACIER VASE FEATURES:* Unique, versatile, contemporary, handmade, made from premium degradable or biodegradable material* Exceptionally light: 14cm H vase weighs 40 grams, 20cm H vase weighs 100 grams. Water provides weight and stability.* Designed, CAD modelled and home-studio printed by The Daily Rabbit.* Made from environmentally friendly (degradable or biodegradable) PLA plastic - derived from corn starch* Watertight* Elegant Dodecahedron design with a gentle twist.* The perfect gift for the person who has everything.TEXTURES:SILK PLA is solid colour, light reflecting, and has a slightly metallic appearance. When printed with Silk PLA, vases reflect light awesomely.TRANSLUCENT PLA is semi-see-through, shiny, and reflects light beautifullyGLITTER PLA is translucent and has a subtle glitter finish.REGULAR PLA has a semi-matte to semi-gloss opaque finish.* Refer to the standard colour palette in the photo section when selecting colours.CARE:* Domestic 3D printing is a craft, not a manufacturing process: slight irregularities are to be expected, making each vase unique.* Treat your vase like a handmade object. It is made up of hundreds of individually printed layer lines (not injection moulded).* To avoid breakage, do not squeeze, and avoid dropping (particularly on hard surfaces).* Not recommended for outdoor use in very direct or hot sun.* Rinse between uses with cool water, and drain upside down. Not dishwasher safe.
20cm H
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