Illustrator:  Eleonora Arosio

Designed by: Kitiya Palaskas

There’s great tastes the world over, from Tokyo to Berlin,
Discover them all and make your tastebuds sing …
There’s sweet, salty, bitter and umami …
Doesn’t that last one sound a bit funny?
Sour and spicy are just as neat
Together, these six tastes are in the foods we eat.

Popular Australian TV host and author Melissa Leong will eat anything once on the quest for an unforgettable food experience – and she encourages us to be adventurous eaters too!

In this book, Melissa invites young readers on a delicious adventure, exploring the six tastes found in a range of popular and unique dishes that we celebrate as staples in multicultural Australian cuisine.

About the Author

Melissa Leong is an Australian television host, freelance food writer, radio broadcaster, critic, cookbook editor and marketer.