Limited edition of 10 per size, signed and numbered at the back Fine art print - High-quality Giclée process Printed on thick quality paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm
Child pose is here for us to rewind to the Atman within, the original self.This asana feels very close to a Pratyahara practice, the retreat of the sensory senses. The ego steps back as we wisely and humbly bow in front of ourselves, looking for mental and physical freedom. Resting and refreshing, it's a source of youth, joy and laughter, Sattvic feelings are rising up again. With a beginner's mind, our heart and soul can be reset, our eyes see the world with the innocence and love of a child.Couldn't decide which one I prefered, extended or closed so I merge both in one: active and passive, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, 2 hearts and 2 mindsets in one, the duality of this world reunited with love. Advaita Vedanta, the Atman within is one with the whole.