HEW x Laura Mestre

Back to the Queen’s Gambit, I was so inspired by the show and their use of the checked print – a knowing nod to the Chess board at the heart of the show. I was beginning to explore a chess print for HEW’s upcoming collection. Then I came across Mestre’s Chess artwork on Instagram – it was perfect. Her style lends itself to men and women, and I knew the linear composition from her tattoo background could effortlessly translate to screen printing. 
Your favourite crop jumper style is back in the latest collaboration with Laura Mestre.

    • Jaque Mate Print Screen Print Design.
    • Made in Melbourne
    • Certified GOTS Organic 50% Hemp, 30% Organic Cotton, and 20% Bamboo

Designed and Made in Melbourne

Care Instructions: cold wash only

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this print, pattern may vary on each garment