Perfect for any occasion, these great conversation statement earrings can really be a great Valentines Day, anniversary or birthday gift.

Acting as a flawless ice breaker for any Simpsons fanatic (guilty, as charged) - our subtle 'Get Bent' candy heart key rings/key chains will help introduce yourself to new faces, while embracing your inner 90's nostalgia. Showcasing a variety of designs to suit a number of pop culture references, these cute additions really make your keys pop.

Sweeten up your outfit with this delectable addition, but be careful not to take a bite out of it! All designs are based on original illustrations.


Measuring approximately 50mm/1.96 inches in size (charm).


Printed acrylic - double sided (front size glitter epoxy),

Each key ring comes with an acrylic glitter laser cut heart charm as an added addition.