Embroidery hoop, linen, cotton, 20cm hoop. Female survivors of incest must be seen and have their voices valued. This work is about the global weakening of reproductive rights. I think about all of the children who have, or may have to, give birth to their abusers child. To add further pain, the baby they have to carry could be their own genetic sibling, or cousin, or aunt/uncle. The voices of incest survivors must not be silenced in discussions about reproductive rights. As a survivor of incest creating this work enabled me to get out my frustration by stabbing the fabric thousands of times to create the work.

*** Artwork will remain at the exhibition after purchase and be collected on Tuesday 17 January & Wednesday 18 January 2023 between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Please contact QVWC if you need it before the collection dates.