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120 pages of brilliant content by our feisty contributors of colour. 

Cover artwork by Nani Puspasari. Printed by Indigi-Print in Naarm.

Featuring interviews with Randa Abdel Fattah, Nadine Chemali, Nèha Madhok and Tiara de Silva. Business Spotlight interviews with Mami Watta Collection's Ana Maria Parada and caterer + celebrant Zee Scott. 

Articles and stories by Jeanine Hourani, Priyanka Bromhead, Alyssa Powell-Ascura, Marie Wong, Phoebe McIlwraith, Kathleen Butler-McIlwraith, Sanchana Venkatesh, Tamara Haque, Varsha Yajman, Veronica Fuentes, Isabelle Quilty, Angela Xu, Jessica D'Cruze, Lu Norton, Natalia Figueroa- Barroso, Neysha Santos, Bahar Higarza, Rebecca Mitchell, Isabel Howard, Konstanz Marie, Mia Casey, Ngọc Trần, Millaray Benavides and Sophia Vassie. 

Featured businesses: Welcome Merchant, Yuku-na Glow, Sara's Ethiopian Cuisine, MSCL UP, Diva Headwraps. 

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