Welcome to Native Botanicals a tea towel range by Isabel Nina Young. A series inspired by the blossoming spring streets of Melbourne and countryside of my home town King Valley, North East Victoria.

Eucalyptus Caesia Commonly known as caesia, this beautiful, small, ornamental tree is a mallee that is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. Flowering in spring, the waxy club-shaped buds bloom into a classic pink gum flower with yellow anthers, eventually transforming into urn-shaped fruit. The unique trunk creates a white waxy powder to protect against the harsh summer sun. The smooth, reddish-brown bark later sheds in curling flakes.

Note from Isabel: I love watching the seasonal change of this tree from the window of my studio´.


W: 500mm x H: 700mm


All products are lovingly hand designed and screen printed in Preston at The Dolls House, I personally print, press and package all tea towels using 100% East European linen, Eco-water based ink and recycled paper packaging.


To keep your tea towel looking beautiful and vibrant, just pop it in a warm machine wash. No need to bleach. Linen will soften once washed and colours may fade.