Looks are Deceiving H 81cm x W 83cm Exploring female status through a series of activist statements, each panel reflects many thoughts and are constructed in a way that forces people to look very closely, to decipher their meaning. I want the work to suggest a pleasant and delightful traditional quilt, but on closer inspection, there are voices pushing to be heard. Examining women, anger and the fight for equality, I use scrap ribbons, braids and fabrics to create a contrast between the words and the materials. Women react strongly to the memories of these materials. I hope the jarring effect makes people rethink ideas about the feminine and traditional techniques associated with women.

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*** Artwork will remain at the exhibition after purchase and be collected on Tuesday 17 January & Wednesday 18 January 2023 between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Please contact QVWC if you need it before the collection dates.