“We always think that the world is made of Kings and Generals. But it is ideas that make the world.”

― Magda Szubanski AO

Sharon, NOICE, Comedy genius, LGBTQAI+ Champion. 

Beyond a national treasure, Magda Szubanski is one of Australia's favourite comedians and personalities. 

Starting out in sketch comedy, Magda found her niche in Fast Forward, playing iconic characters such as Chenille, Wee Mary MacGregor and Joan Kirner. But it was really Sharon Strzelecki from "Kath and Kim" that beamed Magda into all our households an hearts. 

Countless TV, theatre, books and films under her belt, she is one of Australia's most recognisable and loved actresses. 

During the Same Sex Marriage decision, Magda was an influential champion and spokesperson for the Yes campaign. She continues to be an activists for LGBTQAI+ rights. 

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