Meet Me at the Intersection‚ is an anthology of short fiction, memoir and poetry by authors who are First Nations, People of Colour, LGBTIQA+ or living with disability. The focus of the anthology is on Australian life as seen through each author's unique, and seldom heard, perspective.

With works by Ellen van Neerven, Graham Akhurst, Kyle Lynch, Ezekiel Kwaymullina, Olivia Muscat, Mimi Lee, Jessica Walton, Kelly Gardiner, Rafeif Ismail, Yvette Walker, Amra Pajalic, Melanie Rodriga, Omar Sakr, Wendy Chen, Jordi Kerr, Rebecca Lim, Michelle Aung Thin and Alice Pung, this anthology is designed to challenge the dominant, homogenous story of privilege and power that rarely admits ¢‚¬Ëœoutsider' voices.


¢‚¬Ëœ¢‚¬¦ the range of voices, styles and experiences makes for lively, thoughtful and entertaining reading ¢‚¬¦ Springing from the passion and insistence of its editors and contributors,‚ Meet Me at the Intersection‚ is the kind of inspired publishing I wish there was more of in Australia.'‚ Leanne Hall, YA specialist, Readings

¢‚¬Ëœthe book's shining glory is the striking empathy that radiates through the prose and poetry. The protagonists on the page aren't one-dimensional or stereotypical, nor are they tokenistic props ¢‚¬¦ Instead they reflect specificity and nuance, and translate difficult and oftentimes serious themes into work that can be appreciated by young adults without descending into condescension.'‚ Pelican Magazine

¢‚¬ËœUltimately,‚ Meet Me at the Intersection‚ is such a powerful book full of a diverse range of stories from #OwnVoices authors. This is a book that we desperately needed ¢‚¬¦'
Written Word Worlds

¢‚¬ËœMany of the stories are raw and brutally honest. There is no filter to what is written and they say exactly what they think. Sometimes this can be confronting but mostly you appreciate the honesty and frankness of the story.'‚ ReadPlus

¢‚¬ËœEditors did a fine job in collating stories of representation from a cross-section of those who are different, unique; of voices whom we rarely hear.'‚ Tien's Blurb

¢‚¬ËœEvery one of them felt personal, like the writer was sharing a part of them with me ¢‚¬¦ a fantastic collection that would be the perfect starting place for anyone who wants to increase the diversity of their reading (which should really be all of us!).'‚ Bookish Bron

¢‚¬Ëœ¢‚¬¦ fresh and important.'‚ National Indigenous Times

¢‚¬ËœA highly recommended collection ¢‚¬¦‚ Meet Me at the Intersection‚ offers young adults of marginalised groups the joy of recognition and expands opportunities for ¢‚¬Ëœmainstream' readers to develop socio-cultural knowledge and empathy through well-written texts. It is particularly pleasing to find so many young accomplished and developing authors whose voices should be widely represented in texts for children and young adults in the future.'‚ Magpies

¢‚¬ËœEven though Australia is a nation of immigrants, rich in cultural diversity, we still have a long way to go before everyone can feel as though they belong ¢‚¬¦ The collection invites us into the headspace of people who may be different to us ¢‚¬¦ It would be a catalyst for interesting discussions in classrooms and book clubs.'‚ Good Reading

¢‚¬ËœThis powerful anthology of short stories, memoir and poetry is an important and compelling contribution to the ¢‚¬ËœOwn Voices' literary movement in Australia ¢‚¬¦ Authenticity is on every page.'‚ Writing WA

¢‚¬ËœThis collection of short stories, poetry and memoir by writers from marginalised groups in Australia edges us closer to being able to provide our children and young people with literature that represents all Australians, and not just the priviledged few.'
Kids' Reading Guide

¢‚¬ËœMasterminded by authors Rebecca Lim and Ambelin Kwaymullina, this is a far-ranging and thoughtful anthology of Australian Own Voices writing -stories about marginalised peoples told by people from those marginalised groups ¢‚¬¦ Lively, entertaining and informed by personal experiences, this is a fantastic collection of contemporary Australian writing.'‚ Readings

¢‚¬ËœAt its very heart: these are the lesser-known, untold stories we need.'‚ Blank