My creations find strength in the telling of stories and dreams, through the lens of an almost childlike curiosity. Capturing an internal emotional dialogue that people tend to brush off because it may look insignificant in that moment through the eyes of “normalcy”. Yet to me, this moment plays an important role, as these emotions find their way into one’s subconscious, lingering in the memory that defines our life in the long-term.
I created little wood sculptures narrating the profound moments in life, the Moment of Being Contented, embracing our own perfect imperfection, represented by the closing eyes icon. Seeing life, not with our eyes, but sensing it from within, that’s when the gentle smile emerges. Find the one that resonates with you and your heart, that encourages you to embrace you as who you are, nurturing positive emotions to find your own voice at your own pace.
Insta: @youmeus2cism

*** Artwork will remain at the exhibition after purchase and be collected on Tuesday 17 January & Wednesday 18 January 2023 between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Please contact QVWC if you need it before the collection dates.