For this Scarf collection, the Social Studio has collaborated with emerging and established artists, from a diverse cross-section of the community, to commemorate 10 years of The Social Studio. All proceeds from this colourful and talent-packed collection will help fuel the organisation to continue to create meaningful social change and empower Melbourne 's refugee youth.Our amazing artists each donated an artwork to be printed as a limited edition (25 per artwork) silk art scarf, digitally printed Think Positive Prints.
100% Silk
63cm x 63cm approximately
Nathalia Suizu aka NATSUI, is a Melbourne based artist & designer. Nathalia 's vibrant paintings reflect a strong Pop Art / Modern Folk aesthetic that toes the line of Surrealism & Psychedelic Art. Predominantly working in acrylic & gouache mediums, she favours a palette of richly saturated, glossy colours and uses embellishments (like gold leaf, mica and glitter) to inject an ethereal, shrine-like quality to her creations. Through her art she explores the themes of mysticism, mythology, the feminine, entheogens, duality, natural cycles and enchantment. Her visual narrative is expressed through symbolism and the use of recurring motifs, most notably the ubiquitous serpent. Nathalia delights in the wellbeing, appreciation and mystical connection that manifest through her creative process. In art and in life she is guided by the mantra. Follow your Bliss, the essence of which she strives to instil in her work and transmit to her audiences.