Got a sweet tooth? Our candy heart brooch range is our best seller! Perfect for any occasion, this great conversation pin can really be a great Valentines Day, anniversary or birthday gift.
Acting as a flawless ice breaker for any 90's kid, our subtle but impressive 'No Scrubs' candy heart brooch will help cast out the f*ck boys, TLC style.
All designs are based on original illustrations and available in a variety of pastel colors and designs.
All brooches are handmade with high quality brooch backs.
Sweeten up your outfit with this delectable addition, but be careful not to take a bite out of it!
Measuring approximately 50mm in size and laser cut into plywood.
Plywood & Acrylic Paint
*Sustainability - Originating in Italy. The poplar wood used to make this plywood is FSC certified, manufactured using low emitting glues it meets Australian E0 levels for formaldehyde emissions.