The Oriens Tarot Mini Deck is an animal themed card deck that reflects nature through mythical and ethereal means, allowing you to spiritually connect with the universe and yourself through the exquisite art of divination.

The deck features 78 full-color tarot cards ( 50.8 X 88.9mm ) printed on 330gsm FSC Certified card stock with german premium black core and anti-scruff matte finish. It also features the signature holographic gilded edges. The cards will be enclosed in a beautiful book shape box with a magnetic lid and decorated with gold foil.


Oriens Mini Deck + Guide Book Set Price: $66 ( Use discount code "OMDGBS" at check out)

Full Set (Standard Deck+Mini Deck+Guide Book) Price: $129.80 ( Use discount code "OTA3S" at check out)