The perfect sweet treat to gift to your girl gang, share around at boss babe team meetings or stash in your desk drawer for a 3pm sugar hit.

Signature Golden Syrup Gingerbread with pink icing.


They're the perfect size for a snack.
Our cookies are around 7.5cm, which equals 45g or so depending on which flavour you choose.


Our staff carefully heat seal each and every delicious cookie.
Our cookies are packaged in compostable bags made of corn and free from plastic!


We ensure a long best before date and all our cookies will stay fresh and delicious for at least 1 month.


Signature Golden Syrup Gingerbread: Sugar, flour, butter, golden syrup, spices, bi carb soda.
Vanilla Shortbread Cookie: Sugar, Flour, Butter, Egg, Vanilla, Vitamin (thiamine).
Icing: Sugar, Glucose, water, vegetable oil, maize starch, vegetable gum (413), flavour, colour (171) preservative (202) food acid 260, antioxidant (306, 320). Coloured cookies may contain (129, 102, 122, 123, 133, 110).


Our cookies contain GLUTEN, SOY and may contain traces of NUTS and PEANUTS.


We have some pretty tough cookies. They like to travel and don't mind a little heat. However, if you live in a hot and sweaty state, or are experiencing some pretty hectic weather, it would be advisable for someone to be home to receive the delivery.


These Sweet Mickies enjoy being kept at room temperature. Try to avoid excessive heat and make sure to hide from hungry children, partners and colleagues!