The magical properties of colour a.k.a 'colour magic', has long been a witch’s best friend, and now it’s time everyone takes full advantage of its therapeutic, emotional and highly-magical benefits.

The book invites readers to create their own playful, intentional use of the color spectrum and its energetic frequencies. It was written to be approachable, accessible and non-dogmatic—letting readers find their own subjective and unique magical relationship with each major colour. ⁠

The book also walks you through each major colour’s histories, multifarious meanings, and of course how to incorporate their magical and therapeutic properties into your life through everything from spells, rituals, creative and self-care activities, your home, your wardrobe, your self-expression, and even your work.⁠

Designed for the witch-curious, the creative, and all those looking to create a more meaningful, inspired life for themselves—you’ll learn everything there is to know about how and why colours affect us and how to utilise them in various everyday situations.⁠