Siddhasana, (Siddha = perfect) or Muktasana (Mukta = liberation) are the 2 names for the Accomplish Pose. B.K.S. Iyengar says that if you contemplate the atman and practice Siddhasana for 12 years, then you will gain the siddhis, the supernatural powers and you will reach enlightenment easily. 

Happily, after every yoga class, we emerge from death, Savasana, to take this very ancient shape and be born again in meditation. In fact, before the 20th century, yoga was almost only a meditative practice. The roots of yoga are found at the crossroad of the Indian Vedanta and Buddhist Samkhya philosophies. There, in the mountains, they influenced each other through centuries giving birth to numerous practices. I wanted this Siddhasana to represent this diversity: the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna channels of traditional Hatha yoga, the Buddha of the Himalayas, the blossoming lotus of Asia, the dots symbolising the 72 000 Indian Nadis and the acupuncture points with the meridians lines of the Chinese continent, the chakras of the kundalini and shaman traditions around the world. 

But moreover, the peaceful blossoming of the inner self, the representation of the atman within is what I wanted to share here. It is time to recover and rejuvenate for a new start. Like the lotus flower growing from the dark mud of adversity, our inner heart and self will grow stronger and more beautiful in the soil of fear and pain. A very famous metaphor but how striking and true. Turning inward to create our protective and radiating halo of peace is what I wish for every being this year. Endless joy and beauty are within and if you get a glimpse of it, you will be able to dip into this inner bliss any time of the day or night. Finding your self, self-realisation, samadhi or whatever the name you give to it, is the way to freedom. 

So now, what is your path? What practice brings you joy? What garden do you want to cultivate this year? Feed your inner seed, water your self with care and love, and watch your happiness blossoming in the light of your wisdom. 

NB: Don’t count the dots to check if I did a special number (I didn’t) unless it’s your meditative practice of the day of course ;)