These are made from an Australian clay called BRT (or 'Buff Raku Trachyte'). This is a technical name describing the colour (Bu), the type of ring it can withstand (Raku Firing requires the clay to withstand sudden changes in temperature), and the grit (or grog to ceramicists) that has been added to give the clay its signature texture (Trachyte is a volcanic rock that is crushed and added to the clay which melts a little in the kiln, creating the shiny black dots throughout the clay).I called them pods after making them inspired by watching some Science Fiction, in which some aliens had been in suspended animation in pods before emerging as seven year old humanoid children. The three round feet I made reminded me of a spaceship, and the round body of the bowls seemed to be a little other-worldly.
The bowls can be used for jewellery, plants, or food (or anything else you can imagine). They are glazed with food safe glaze on the inside, and can go through the dishwasher. Repeated cycles through the dishwasher may dull the surface of the glaze and clay after a while, so it is probably best to hand wash them.