This candle is for bringing some colour into our lives during dreary grey winter days in Melbourne.

Alice is named after my littlest sister and is almost as vibrant as it’s namesake. Little Alice gave me the idea for a rainbow candle recently and I think we can all agree she was really onto something!

Only available in XL

Burn time= around 11 hours

Each colourful candle will be curated especially for you into the perfect stack of wax shapes. TRIKL stackable candles can be rearranged as you like until they are burnt!

Please note your colourful candle may vary to those pictured depending on availability of wax shapes. These handmade candles may have imperfections, but these go to creating a unique burn every time- TRIKL is about embracing imperfections and celebrating our differences.

It is normal for natural waxes to develop a ‘frosty’ or ‘dusty’ appearance, this is due to the recrystallisation process as they harden.

Soy blend stackable candles lightly scented with sweet orange essential oils. Handmade in Melbourne.