Got a sweet tooth? Our candy heart brooch range is our best seller! So popular, that our designs have expanded into a badge/pin back three piece set!
Perfect for any occasion, this great conversation pin can really be a great Valentines Day, anniversary or birthday gift. Acting as a flawless ice breaker for any Simpsons fanatic (guilty, as charged) - our subtle Simpsons candy heart design will help introduce yourself to new faces, while embracing your inner 90's nostalgia.
Get Bent - Pastel Green.Come Along Bort - Pastel Purple.Eat My Shorts - Ivory.
Measuring approximately 25mm in size.
Printed on 100% recycled papers with a protective plastic cover, all designs are based on original illustrations.All pin back badges are handmade with high quality supplies.
Sweeten up your outfit with this delectable addition, but be careful not to take a bite out of it!