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Utkata Konasana, The Goddess

Who could better represent this pose than the empowering Goddess Kali?

She is the most powerful representation of the Shakti energy, the feminine. Together with Shiva, they form the binary principle of the universe. Source of all the Mahavidyas (group of tantric goddesses), She is the fearless and terrible Dark Blue Goddess of destruction, the fierce slayer of the demons and the creative Mother of the universe.

The worship of the Goddess originally comes from the wild tantric traditions but she also plays an important role in other Hindu traditions and stories including Buddhism. In one of the stories, she appears out of anger from the forehead of the Goddess Durga who is fighting demons. She wears a mala made of enemies’ skulls around her neck and sometimes wears their arms too around her waist. In many traditions, Shakti energy is said to be more powerful than the masculine Shiva, which is why Kali is often portrayed dancing or standing on Shiva or on her enemies.

But she is not only a dreadful warrior. She is Time, She is the Cycle, bringing death and life to the world, destroying the evil and clearing the path for new beginnings. She represents Tapas, the destructive and purifying inner fire. You can feel it burning in your legs and lower body, turning your ego into ashes and awaking the feminine Kundalini energy stored in Muladhara and Swadhisthana chakras.

She is the tough mum of the Universe and the posture itself portrays childbirth. If you are a mamas-to-be or already a mother, practice like a Goddess! Activating Muladhara Bandha and thus toning the pelvic muscles, the posture strengthens the whole lower creative abdomen, opening the hips and firming the legs.

And whoever you are, do not fear the Goddess, let her guide you and embrace the posture. Overcome your fears through it, release the old that no longer serves you and make some space for a new inner creative potential. Trust the caring Goddess, she knows how to reach your true Self.