500 piece puzzle.

Completed jigsaw size : 34 x 48 cm.

"When I was growing up, my family were very competitive when it came to jigsaw puzzles. A puzzle session over the dining table would have us elbowing each other out of the way, and stealing pieces to later claim victory by placing the last piece, often resulting in week long stand-offs. Puzzles have given me so much enjoyment over the years so I’m really happy to be able to make puzzles to keep you occupied while we’re all stuck at home." 

About this photo: From the series ‘Nuoto da sola (I swim alone)’, a collection of photos from the seaside city of Rimini, Italy. Along 15 kilometres of sand, umbrellas and beach lounges are numbered and sectioned by colour.  Late in the day, they lie abandoned as the air cools and the sun sinks to the horizon.