Who didn't grow up with The Craft and wish they were a witch. Every girl out there can identify with their 'witch phase' - it might even be a way of life for you now! This design was originally released for our 2015 Halloween collection, but hey, why just celebrate one day a year? With these candy heart wall hangings, you can celebrate ALL YEAR ROUND! Sound up your alley? Well guess what, you're AWESOME and these hangings were made for RAD people LIKE YOU.

All designs are based on original illustrations and available in a variety of pastel colors and designs.

Add a little sweetness to your home.


Measuring approximately 20cm/7.87 inches in size / 12mm/0.47 inch thickness and laser cut into light weight plywood


Hand Painted Plywood.
All wall hangings are handmade with high quality metal hook/clasps.
The poplar wood used to make this plywood is FSC certified, manufactured using low emitting glues it meets Australian E0 levels for formaldehyde emissions.