"Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History."

A candle for all the history makers, rule breakers and game changes. 

Attributed to First lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Author Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and Marilyn Monroe amongst others. This quote may have been said many times by many people, likely because there's such truth to it. When women can see past the  'rules of good behaviour' that society has bound us with, then we can change history, and begin to create more HERstory. 

Gift this candle to all the rebel girls you know.


Our Feminist Flames debut candle collection is a collaboration between QVWC SHOP and MAKR CLUB, bringing together bold design, Feminist values and candle making wizardry.

The perfect gift for the Feminist who has everything. (Everything except true gender equality of course, we're still fighting for that.)

180g Pure soy wax candle
Burn time approx 30 hrs
Hand Poured in Melbourne by Waan from MAKR CLUB 

Glass candle jars are recyclable and candles come safely boxed in recyclable cardboard packaging.

FRAGRANCE: Australian Florals & Honey

Not unlike the pleasant scent of exotic frangipani, this fragrance is a dense cluster of floral scents with a sweet rose and honey balsam combination. It also includes additional hints of cyclamen, star jasmine and an herbal orchid, green finish.

Top Notes: Leaf Green, Lemon
Middle Notes: Rose, Frangipani
Base Notes: Cyclamen, Boronia