BOPO Women

Bopo Women is Body Positive. For Real.

After struggling with negative body image and an eating disorder herself, and seeing so many women battle the same issues of self-hatred and being made to feel like they need fixing, Bopo Women founder Bron was looking for a way to change the messaging we so often see from the beauty industry. 

Bron believes the beauty industry needs a facelift of the structural variety.

Bopo Women is a natural body care brand aiming to counter balance all of the negativity women are bombarded with by beauty advertising, and infiltrate with messages of body love & empowerment.

It’s time for a new kind of beauty. 


Bopo Women Promise

No woman will ever be harmed, edited, altered, exploited, underpaid, undervalued or objectified in the making & marketing of our products.

We’ll never reference to miracle changes or the removal of “flaws” that we first create & then tell you we can miraculously fix. 

We’re an intersectional company deeply committed to unravelling how all elements of identity – race, class, sexuality, gender and ability – relate to body positivity.

We know that a lot of companies are using women’s empowerment & body positivity to sell products that really aren’t any of those things. We’ll never do this.

We’ll never use the ideas and hard work of social movements to sell our products without living their values & giving back. Absolutely no exceptions. | @ bopowomen