Dale is the designer and creator of Tekschur. Wife and Mother of a teen, a tween and mum to the most delectable Italian Greyhound named Pixie.

Tekschur grew during 2020 the year of the lockdowns when normal business could no longer exist. Starting out as a hobby, friends and family showed huge interest in the earrings Dale was making and that was the beginning of her next journey: creating Tekschur into a sustainable small business.

Dale's background in Interior design helps inspire her with use of balance and unity, colour, shape, pattern and texture.

Tekschur has a unique range of resin bangles and trinket trays. Using bright, bold colours and interesting shapes to try and add a point of difference.

Glow in the dark is a major element that Dale loves to add in to each item, either mixed into the clay or resin, even the trinket trays have glow features.

Resin Bangles in neon and bright and glow in the dark colours. Bangles in colourful stacks and also individually.

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