Lawz Drawz

Melbourne based illustrator Laura Holley – Lawz Drawz – is on a mission to draw all of the best bits of her city.  A lover of great food and drinks, for which Melbourne is known, she feels there is no better subject for her artwork than the unique buildings that house her favourite pubs, cafes and restaurants.  She has set herself the bold task of illustrating a handful of significant places for every inner city suburb, and also takes commissions.  Laura creates her artwork on her iPad and prints it on fine art photo rag paper with archival inks.

Laura has always loved drawing and creating. When she began illustrating her friends’ favourite pubs as birthday gifts, she was so flattered by their reactions, and decided to take it to the next level.  She dabbled in a few mediums including ink, watercolour and digital, and now works exclusively on an iPad.  Laura also offers commissions, and prints all of her work at home on fine art photo rag paper with archival inks. | @ lawzdrawz