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Product Delivery & Handling

Where should I deliver my stock?

Once the QVWC SHOP team have confirmed we are happy to stock your products please arrange to drop off your stock to:

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Shop
QV Square, Rear of 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Out opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5. Alternatively, you can drop stock off at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre management office Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

I can’t get into the city. Can I post my stock?

Of Course! Please post your parcel to:

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Shop
Attn: Marianne, Jenny and/or Ally
QV Square, Rear of 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

You will be required to pay for postage costs for any stock to and from QVWC SHOP and will be responsible for any damage or breakages that occur in transit to QVWC SHOP. Please pack your stock carefully.

Do I need to provide price stickers or swing tags for my products?

We will print barcode and price stickers for each product so no need to write the price on your items, however if you have branded swing tags or labels for your work this is a great way to showcase your brand story.

My products are selling well – can I re-stock?

Yes! We’re a small team of 3 part-timers and may not always get around to asking you about re-stocking quickly, so we love it when you’re proactive and get in touch with suggested re-stocks.

You do not need to complete a new product information form if you are re-stocking existing products. Once we receive the stock we’ll send you an email confirmation of the new inventory as it is receipted into our system.

I already stock some of my work at QVWC SHOP but have some new products I’d like to sell. What do I need to do?

Please complete our Product Information form for each new item you would like to stock with us and be sure to provide all information requested along with photos of each item.

I need to take some of my stock back - is that okay?

Yes. If you have an opportunity to sell an item that is currently only stocked at QVWC SHOP we can arrange to transfer it back to you and you are welcome to come and pick it up. You own the stock until it's sold.

Better yet - send them our way to make their purchase!

What happens if something gets lost or stolen while at QVWC SHOP?

QVWC SHOP is responsible for your products while in our car and we have insurance to cover any unfortunate events. In the unlikely event that something is lost, stolen or damaged in store you will be fully re-imbursed for this item.

Product Images & Promotion

I don’t have photos of my products – what should I do?

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great photos! Smartphone cameras have come a long way so get creative and have a go. Remember product images need to be a square format and showcase the details, materials and relative size of your items. Great product photos equal great online sales!

We receive new stock every week from makers, and unfortunately, don’t have time to photograph each new product that comes into store. If you are really struggling to take photos of your products please email us at and we can figure something out.

How will you promote my work?

As well as showcasing your work instore and online we will promote your products across our social media platforms. Due to the high number of makers and brands stocked at QVWC SHOP it may not be possible to share your work regularly, however we always endeavor to share and call out new products and makers. If you are able to provide us with great product images, maker bio’s and descriptions this is really helpful and gives us the content we need to promote you through our channels.

Sales Monitoring & Feedback

How long will you keep my work?

We love to showcase many different emerging artists and will rotate our offering throughout the year to give opportunities to a wide variety of artists and makers as possible. We will commit to stocking your work for a period of 6 months, after which time we may offer to continue stocking your work if it is selling well, or request that remaining stock is returned to you. If we do request that you collect your stock, please do so withing a reasonable time frame.

Will you give me feedback on how my products are selling?

You will have access to our online vendor portal which will allow you to have a live view of what has sold, and what stock levels remain on hand. This will allow you to make informed decisions about making new work and re-stocking best selling items with us. We will also be in contact with you to prompt re-stocks if your work is selling well, or discuss possible markdowns or swapping products if something is moving slowly.

How can I see what stock is left and what has sold?

Register to our online vendor portal for an up to date view of what items have sold. Once an item is sold out it will be hidden from the website.

I’m not tech savvy – can you help me with filling out the required forms?

Sure, we’re happy to arrange an appointment time to help you complete the required information.
Email us at to set up a time to go through this together.

New stock will not be accepted unless the product information and inventory form is completed.

How does consignment work? How do I figure out how much I will earn from each sale?

When you stock your products in our shop on a consignment basis this means that, rather than paying for the items up front and then QVWC SHOP, you are paid for the product after they sell. This means that you essentially still ‘own’ the stock which it is at QVWC SHOP until it is sold. The benefits of selling on consignment are that you set the retail selling price, and you decide if and when it is marked down. You also take a higher percentage of the selling price than the traditional 50/50 wholesale split.

Our standard consignment split is 60/40, which means that 60% of the (ex GST) selling price goes to you, the maker, and 40% goes to QVWC SHOP to cover our administration costs, shop staff and marketing.

To calculate your percentage of each sale: RRP (selling price) minus GST 10% ( /1.1) times by 60% (x0.6). For example if the RRP is $100 the calculation is (100/1.1)*0.6) = $54.55

Numbers not your strong suit? Don’t worry! Our inventory list template has this calculation built in. You just need to enter the RRP.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid directly into your nominated bank account. It is important that you have provided us with accurate bank details so that your maker payments can be processed.

We process maker payments monthly. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks after the end of the month for payments to be processed. As a small team of part timers we’ll do our best to get your payments to you as soon as we can. If you haven’t been paid within 4 weeks please feel free to send us a follow up email.

Do I need an ABN?

Yes, as you are intending to sell your products in a retail setting you are considered to be operating as a business and are required by the ATO to have an ABN. You can find out more info on the ATO websiter here.

Do I need to be registered for GST?

The ATO required that businesses urning over $75,000 annually are required to collect GST. Find out more here.

Where will you sell my work?

We will showcase your product both in store at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in QV, Melbourne, and also on our online store

We will also seek out opportunities to represent our QVWC SHOP makers via market stalls or pop-up shops at like minded events where we see potential for new customers. We’ll let you know if we’re planning a market stall and check first if you’re keen to be involved.

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