FunkyFunYou products are not just accessories, they are little pieces of happiness and joy.

FunkyFunYou accessories are shiny, colourful and nostalgic. Each piece tells a story, and is designed with materials such as figurines, toys, and flowers to evoke memories and emotions. Inspired by landscapes, art and design, each product possesses a tiny fantasy world of its own.

FunkyFunYou is a fashion brand, with all products being made by hand. No old products are thrown away or damaged, and any left-over materials are kept to be donated or re-used in workshops. All materials are toxin-free, and only high quality, professional-grade resin is used.

FunkyFunYou was established in July 2017 by Simona & Amy, two young, like-minded creative girls who met in Melbourne.

Simona majored in a Masters of Fashion Entrepreneurship. She has always been one to experiment with fashion and style, especially unique accessories and jewellery. The initial idea for FunkyFunYou came to Simona when she found that people around her were so excited and fascinated by her distinctive accessories. This overwhelming interest encouraged her to create her own brand, with products for people who are looking for accessories that are anything but ordinary.

Amy was studying a Masters of Media at RMIT University, when she met Simona. Having had experience in architecture, design and video production, Amy quickly bonded with Simona over their mutual passion for design. Like Simona, she was keen to put her skills and interests into practice, and build a label that truly represents her values and style. Amy is a driving force behind the FunkyFunYou brand identity, using her skills and knowledge to create compelling visual content.

After two successful years of growing their business, Simona and Amy invited Anna to come and join the team behind the brand. The FunkyFunYou girls first met Anna at an Artist Market, where they both had stalls. Anna is a freelance illustrator, designer and copyrighter, and she was immediately drawn to the FunkyFunYou product range and related to the brand philosophy. Her understanding of the brand and her creative skillset meant that she fitted nicely into the little FunkyFunYou family!

Together, the FunkyFunYou team has merged their skills and balanced out each other creatively. The three of them feel lucky and grateful to be supported by their family, mentors, and friends, which motivates them to build on their achievements and allows their business to evolve. | @funkyfunyou