Single Use Multiverse

Single Use Multiverse is a unique jewellery collection sparked by a passion to keep single use plastics out of landfill and out of our oceans.

All products are made from 100% recycled single-use plastics and are created by hand, by Jess, in the beautiful forest setting of Blackwood, Victoria.

Jess has a deep passion for re-using and up-cycling in a bid to keep single-use items out of landfill and our oceans.

The plastics that are melted down to create her earrings include milk cartons, straws, plastic lids, shampoo bottles, formula lids, dish-washing liquid containers, meat trays and more. Every bit of colour you see in Jess' designs is melted plastic. Through much exploration, she has developed a technique where she's able to use the melted plastic like paint. There is a 'multiverse' of useful, beautiful things these throw-away plastics can become.

Customers love both the finished product as well as the story behind it, as they can indulge in the fun of a fashion purchase whilst being the ultimate Green Consumer.  |  @singleuse.multiverse