Jubly Umph

Tasha is the designer and owner of Jubly Umph, a cute and quirky brand of accessories with something (okay many things) to say. 

Tasha's story...in her own words: 

"Yep, I have that same old sob story. I was the fat kid, the outsider. I was always reading (still am), drawing away in the corners of my school books, moving around from school to school, introverted and depressed. It reads like a bad movie script. The movie is called ‘Coffee and Teen Angst.’

It sucked. I always felt different and my self-confidence was at an all-time low. I decided that if I always FELT different then I should BE different. I would travel the world and be an artist, a feminist, a vegetarian and a black belt in karate. I would stand up for what I believed in."

Be Weird, Stay Weird.

"I can’t say that finding the confidence to be all those things happened overnight, as it has been a very long journey. I still battle with depression and self-doubt every now and then, but I’m getting there.

My journey took me around the world through many different jobs and cities. It was a journey toward the belief that what I do is worthwhile, and the trust that I have something important to say.

I hope I can help you find the inspiration you need to embrace your weird, and stay weird too."

jubly-umph.com @jublyumph

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